Most Popular Questions

  • How do I register for an online account (My Account)?

    First, locate the Registration Page for My Account. Click here to go to the registration page now.  
    The registration page can also be found on in the top right corner.

    Locate Registration Page

    You may also register by visiting and clicking on My Account in the top right corner. Then click on SIGN UP NOW! to get started.

    Locating Residential Registration Page

    Step 1: You will need to enter your account number and access code. The account number entered should be the full 19 digits and the access code will be 4 digits. Both of these can be found on your Suddenlink Business statement.

    Statement Account Number and Access Code

    If you do not see an access code on your statement, please call 1.800.490.9604 or click here to chat with an agent and have one set up. 

    Registration Step 1

    Step 2: Next you will create your user name and password. NOTE: Your username cannot contain a domain (e.g. However, the user name you choose will be used as the prefix for your email address that will be created in Step 3 of registration.

    Registration Step 2.1

    You can then add your position with-in the business, name and alternate email address that can be used to reset your password if needed. Lastly, you will choose and answer a security question and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Registration Step 2.2

    Step 3: On the final step, you will see your new email address displayed. This email address is a free feature that accompanies your services (you may choose to utilize your email inbox at any time by logging into My Account and clicking on ‘Email’ on the top right navigation bar). Click on ‘OK, got it’ to complete your registration.

    Registration Step 3

    Confirmation: You will see a confirmation page after your registration is complete. Click ‘Go to login’ to get started with your new online account.

    Registration Confirmation

  • Where can I find my Access Code (PIN)# ?

    If your access code does not appear on your statement as shown below, please call a customer service representative for assistance with your Access Code (PIN) at 1.800.490.9604 or click here to chat with an agent and have one set up.

    Statement Account Number and Access Code

  • How do I view my balance online?

    Login to My Account. On the overview tab, you can view information about your account such as, account number, balance due, and payment due date.

    My Bill Overview

    If you have a past due balance, you will also see it displayed here in red.

    My Bill Past Due

    You can click on the link that says “Go to My Bill details and payment’ which will take you to the ‘My Bill’ tab. Or you can click directly on the My Bill tab in the top navigating bar to view more details about your bill and balance.

  • How do I pay my bill online in My Account?

    Login to My Account. Not registered yet? Click here for instructions on registration
    Navigate to the My Bill tab. In the Pay Online section of this tab, you can choose to register for EZ-Pay. EZ Pay is an automatic and recurring payment program that allows you to pay your Suddenlink bill each month automatically using a bank account or credit card. Simply click on the Setup/Update EZ Pay button to register. You will be required to pay your current balance prior to registration.

    You can also choose to set up a One-Time Payment using a credit card or checking account. This payment method will be securely stored for you to use for later payments. You will also have the option to securely store multiple payment methods as well as delete those methods at any time. Lastly, you may choose whether you want to pay your total statement balance, or pay another amount at that time.

    My Bill Pay Online

  • How do I change my billing address online in My Account?

    You now have the option of updating your billing address online! Login to My Account. Click on the My Bill tab. Then click the ‘Change Billing Address’ button below and make any necessary changes.

    My Bill Tab Overview

  • How can I stop receiving paper bills?

    Login to My Account. Click on the My Bill tab in the top navigation bar. On that page you will see a section called Paperless Billing. If you are not currently subscribed to paperless billing, you can check the ‘I want to go paperless’ box, and click the submit button. This will cause an email to be sent to your inbox confirming the request. You will then have to agree to the terms and conditions of going paperless via that email for the process to be complete.

    Go Paperless

  • How do I change my method of payment for EZ Pay?

    Login to My Account and click on the My Bill tab. Under the EZ Pay section, click on Setup/Update EZ Pay. Here you can add a new method of payment for EZ Pay. Note: depending on the timing of the update, the changes will not take effect for the current month. They may be implemented for the next billing cycle. If you are concerned about the timing of your current payment method, please call us at 1-855-270-5527 or chat with an agent.

  • How do I troubleshoot my services online?

    Login to My Account. On the Overview tab, under the My Services section, you will find a link that reads: “I’m having problems with my service”. Click there to begin using the troubleshooting tool. First, choose what services you are having problems with.

    Troubleshoot Services

    Click ‘Next’. The troubleshooting tool will look for the equipment associated with the service you chose. If the equipment is identified, you will see a screen with the status of your service. Follow the troubleshooting prompts accordingly.

    If your equipment was not identified, you will have to close the troubleshooting tool and call 1-855-270-5527 to speak with a technical support agent or click here to chat with an agent now.

  • How do I set up remote call forwarding?

    Remote Call Forwarding provides you the capability to route your calls to your choice of business locations-even to a mobile phone from any phone, inside or outside your office. Follow these instructions on how to set up Remote Call Forwarding.

  • How do I access my email account via the web?

    Click here to access your e-mail account via the internet.