Business Hosted Voice

The technology you need to transform the way you work.

End-to-end voice management starts here

Stay connected with one complete turnkey voice package, enabling you to minimize costs, reduce technical complexity and gain the flexibility you need to keep your business moving. With Business Hosted Voice, you’ll get advanced IP phones at no additional charge, unlimited calling plans and important features to help you easily manage all your business calls. Stay connected and keep costs down with a complete cloud-base phone solution. Pricing starts at $24.95 - $34.95 per month per line.

Business Hosted Voice Benefits

Work Smarter

Easy-to-use features such as Single Number Reach and Remote Office allows employees stay connected

Easy Management

Work directly with Suddenlink to directly address issues without dealing with extra layers

Adapt on a Dime

Quick software upgrades is all it takes as your business grows

Work Smarter

Make calls from your laptop from just about anywhere

Simplified Solution

Includes installation, management, 24/7 monitoring & maintenance

Minimize Costs

Advance IP phones included plus unlimited calling plans

Business Hosted Voice Features

3-way Calling (SIP phones) Add a third party to your conversation.
Anonymous Call Blocking Block incoming callers who do not show their Caller ID information.
Busy Lamp Field Displays other extensions status.
Call Hold Retain an existing call while accepting or originating another call.
Call Detail Records View and download all incoming and outgoing calls made to and from your phone.
Call Forwarding Forwards all your calls to an alternative number selected, without ringing your telephone first.
Call Pick Up - Group and Directed Answer a call at your telephone for another extension in your call pickup group. Directed call pickup lets you pick up a call for a specific extension even if that extension is not part of your pickup group.
Call Pull Allows user to transfer or "pick up" an ongoing call to another phone belonging to the same user, with continuing media.
Call Trace Initiates a trace of the last call you received.
Call Transfer Transfer both made and received calls.
Call Waiting Alerts you with a special tone when someone else is calling you while you are already on the line and lets you switch between calls.
Caller ID Name and Number Displays the name and telephone number of the incoming caller, provided they are not blocking that information.
Company Directory Lists internal corporate contacts.
Conferencing – Ad Hoc Initiate a conference call adding each participant one at a time.
Distinctive Ringing Designate phone numbers to ring with a distinctive ring tone.
Do Not Disturb Ensures that all calls made to a phone number are rejected.
Enhanced 911 Enables emergency operators to automatically know the telephone number and address of the dialing party.
HD Voice Provides sharper sound quality, increased clarity, and less background noise.
Manager/Assistant Automatically forwards calls to your assistant.
Music on Hold Music for callers on hold.
Originating Identity Presentation and Restriction Specify whether or not you receive information on caller ID.
Outgoing Call Barring Block destinations so calls cannot be made to them.
Paging - Intercom Dial a code assigned to another phone and immediately connect to the other phone without ringing.
Paging - Overhead Paging Access Broadcast real time audio to all connected speakers.
Personal Directory Search, add, delete, edit, call or send email to personal contacts.
Personal Speed Dial Set up to 10 telephone numbers and dial with just one number.
Private Outbound Calling (Anonymous Calling) Hide your name and number on all calls you make.
Remote Access to Call Forward Remote access to set call forwarding using a PIN.
Selective Call Rejection Define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be blocked.
Single Number Reach Choose which phones will ring when calls come from the selected numbers. Decide if ring should be simultaneous or sequential and set time intervals.
Unlimited Calling Call for as long as you want to as many people as you want within the U.S.
Voicemail Box Retrieve messages left on your voice mailbox using a password.
Voicemail Waiting Indicator Indicates a voicemail message is waiting.

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