Services and tools to keep your small business running smoothly and prepped for growth.


  • Get the additional tools and services you need to help your business grow
  • Our managed services encourage seamless connectivity for you, your employees and your customers.
  • We manage everything behind the scenes and make sure they’re running smoothly


PRO WiFi is helps you take your business connectivity to new professional heights. Get separate guest and private connections, content filtering controls, and the ability to collect marketing data on customers who connect to your network.

  • Separate guest and private connections keeps your business devices safe
  • Create a branded network login page that can collect customer information
  • Convenient online portal to manage all your WiFi settings


Technology is necessary for a thriving business, which is why we offer service plans that include priority customer care, on-demand IT support, and device protection.

  • We can be your IT department. Get on-demand technical support for all your connected devices, no matter how old or where you bought them.
  • When your devices are damaged or break completely we can help you get them fixed or replaced entirely
  • Get priority customer support for all of your Suddenlink Business services and waived fees for many common issues.


Our solutions will help guide you through complex IT
agendas, and stay confidently connected.

What managed network service is right for my small business?
Maximize the gains, minimize the pains. Secure the IT help, support and education you need – including the . We offer robust managed network services for small business – from web hosting and technical support, Suddenlink Business is your full-service technology partner. We’ll keep you safe while you grow your business, reducing capital spend and manpower while providing a cost-effective IT solution to protect and propel your business. It starts with PRO WiFi, which empowers you to stay connected to your customers and employees with a fast WiFi service that you can count on. From equipment and design, to implementation and maintenance, you can easily deploy a private network and a public wireless network for visitors. We offer support every step of the way, because here at Suddenlink, we understand that technology has never mattered more for your business. Our customer support is unmatched. We troubleshoot your issues with the support of real humans, not computers, empowering your business to access immediate help for setup, support, and education for almost all of your connected devices.

Protect your small business with the best secure internet.
Your network, data, and business itself are being protected from a growing number of DDoS attacks with advanced monitoring and mitigation solutions. Network traffic-flow visibility, threat detection, and complete mitigation of volume- and stealth-based attacks. Sit back, relax, and run your business knowing that our managed network services are pulling the heavy weight in the background. This is one less thing you have to think about, and one more thing that goes right. You know you need IT help, but now you know you don’t need a hands-on approach. Suddenlink offers a hands-off, worry-free, easy approach, and with the best internet for small business, this is the easiest choice you’ve made all month. Getting started is simple and we have tailored plans to fit every budget, so reach out to a representative today and see what we can do for you and your small business.

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Free installation specials when you order online.


Free installation specials when you order online.