Keep your Enterprise up and running always by adding automatic and seamless LTE Wireless Failover solutions to your Internet service.


Our LTE Wireless solution ensures you and your enterprise stay connected—even when your primary Internet connection is unavailable. Should your connection disappear, your network will seamlessly fail over to our LTE wireless router that keeps your critical devices online and running. 


No fail-safe efforts are needed on your part, LTE wireless connectivity kicks in automatically so you never have to lift a finger. 

No Lost Revenue
Internet disruptions are no longer disruptions to your workflow—stay connected and ensure that your sales and revenue are unaffected. 

Ensure continuous connectivity for all of your critical devices, networks, point of sale machines, and beyond. 


With easy-to-follow instructions and hardware mailed to your door, our self-installation process makes it simple to set up your new LTE Wireless Failover device so that you can be prepared if your landline connection goes out unexpectedly. 


What's Included: 

  • LTE Router
  • Multi-Carrier SIM
  • High-Gain Antenna
  • Power Supply for Router
  • Ethernet cable


Our failover solution offers unlimited data for backup use at one, low price with no unexpected fees. When your main internet connection goes offline, we give you the power to get back online seamlessly and quickly so that you can get back to work. 


Our Enterprise solutions will help guide your company through the complex ins-and-outs of running a business, while keeping you and your customers connected.

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LTE Internet Backup—Keeping You Connected at All Costs
Your business demands more than just coveted connectivity—it deserves surety, too. Without a backup plan for your Internet and communication services and solutions, your Enterprise could be caught offline—a reality few Enterprises are keen to experience. With Suddenlink Business’ LTE Internet Backup Solutions, we provide continuous, automatic, and reliable LTE wireless backup services that don’t just promise to keep you online should something happen—we actually deliver. With our LTE Internet Backup plan, we provide Enterprises like yours with next-level plan B solutions that promise constant connectivity, a service that enables your Enterprise to continue serving your customers and empowers you to avoid loss of revenue.
Stay connected when your primary Internet connection is unavailable with LTE wireless backup services from Suddenlink Business. Experience the peace of mind that goes hand-in-hand with continuous, automatic, and reliable backup solutions alongside the guarantee of unlimited data. This means that you’ll never need to worry about data overages when using our seamless failover solution.


Reliable, World-Class LTE Wireless Backup That Empowers Your Enterprise
Continuous connectivity is a must in our digital age—especially on an Enterprise level. Suddenlink Business’ LTE wireless backup services promise maximum coverage, optimal speed, and performance that empowers your Enterprise’s capabilities. The best part? Our LTE Internet backup solutions are powered by the same wireless networks that seamlessly power your major mobile devices—in other words, you can trust that your LTE wireless backup has your back. A wireless solution like no other, the LTE device continuously scans all three major cellular carriers real-time to ensure maximum coverage, optimal speed, performance that maximizes your business’ capabilities, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing our LTE Internet backup is the same network that powers your major mobile devices.
Suddenlink Business’ LTE Internet backup solutions are simple, straightforward, and easy to install—that means from the moment you receive your LTE wireless failover equipment, you’re moments away from the reliable, powerful, and continuous coverage you’ve been seeking.