Healthcare solutions that help you help others, including reliable phone services, TV packages and more.

Technology Solutions Essential to Healthcare

The healthcare industry is increasingly connected, so we offer business solutions that help you serve your patients better. Our services include secure WiFi, easy-to-use phone systems and TV packages that will help your patients feel at ease. Plus we offer service plans to help manage all your business technologies for a flat monthly rate, regardless of where it came from. This is healthcare at its most helpful.


Simple Phone Systems

Your phones should serve you, so you can serve others. That’s why our phone services are easy to use and simple to set up.

Comprehensive TV Packages

Keep your patients entertained with a wide selection of viewing options. Choose from several comprehensive TV packages and make your waiting room feel more welcoming.

Secure Wi-Fi Network

Suddenlink Business offers a secure WiFi network with your Internet service that allows you to maintain a strong, consistent connection and enables you to properly focus on taking care of your patients.


Protect Yourself

Medical information technology is a challenge. With our Business Premier Protection and Support, if your connected devices malfunction, we’ll replace or repair them and even if you bought them from somewhere else.

Seamless Connection

With our Business Premier Technical Support plan you can get connected instantly to our U.S. based virtual help desk through our smartphone app, which lets you speak with a real live person without any waiting.

Help Us Help You

Our Premier Technical Support plan supports nearly all of your business technology, no matter how old it is or where you bought it from.

Funding for

Suddenlink Business is committed to
helping you navigate government
programs for connected care services,
including the Covid-19 Telehealth


Our team of connectivity specialists is
here to help you understand eligible
services and find the internet and data
solutions to meet your telehealth needs. 

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Leading-edge, customized solutions for every business
A local, dedicated team of experts who understand your business
Personalized assistance that’s there when you need it 24/7/365
Innovative products and services backed by our reliable network
Getting set up is fast and easy with little or no downtime for you
No annual contract, plus a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee

Our team of local specialists will help you find the best Internet, phone and TV package for your business needs.

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Simply put: Healthcare technology solutions that work.
In a digital, globally connected world, patient data is increasingly moving online. When it comes to medical information technologies, and employing the most cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions, patient information security is an issue of critical importance. And, unfortunately, a single instance of mismanaged patient information can result in costly lawsuits that damage public perception – sometimes permanently. When your hospital or health facility implements a healthcare network solution, it has to be done right. Consider the importance of complying with HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This law, passed in 1996, has very specific rules and regulations – and if your healthcare technology solution doesn’t meet them, you are putting your entire system at risk. Suddenlink Business offers robust end-to-end medical information technologies that ensure the safety of your organization and of your patients.

Your medical information technologies matter more than you might think.
When patient lives are on the line every day, or when you’re managing patients with complicated chronic illnesses, a healthcare IT solution and secure network might not be at the top of your mind. Suddenlink handles this for you, implementing the best medical information technologies available. Our service options empower your hospital or healthcare organization to remain completely compliant with HIPAA, keeping private patient information stored and secured. You likely take great care in considering which administrative professionals can access all patient digital files, and Suddenlink Business helps you to maintain the necessary regulatory technical security – including authentication and encryption used to control access to data. Suddenlink’s healthcare IT and network solution is well-known in the medical industry as being the best. Plus, our systems and procedures are quick to set up and are maintained 24/7, 365 days a year by our remote technical experts. Your hospital is never without the support it needs.

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Free installation specials when you order online.