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Whether you’re making guests feel at home or offering them a home away from home, Suddenlink Business Solutions gives you and them the ability to connect - and stay connected..

With our previous provider there would be times when the power might have gone out or there was an issue with the service, and they wouldn’t be there when I needed them. Now with Suddenlink Business, there’s always someone there." Emma Dean Rivera


Our retail-specific services will provide you with the technology you need to ensure your business is planning for growth and prepared for more customers. 

This is a brick-and-mortar establishment, but so much of business nowadays is conducted online…If I lose my internet for an extended period and can’t process credit cards, it’s an immediate financial effect.” John Grosso


Be more productive and solutions-focused for your constituents and employees with a strong connection and the support to back it up. 

I operate with a small team, but having Suddenlink Business on my team has been wonderful. The installation was effortless, and they came when they said they would.” Linda Verde


Our professional services solutions give you access to the technology, tools and support you need to keep your business moving forward.

On Fridays we have telemarketing day, everybody’s making a hundred phone calls… Having a reliable phone system and a reliable network allows us to make close to a thousand calls from our group on any given Friday." Tim Houlihan


Technology is drastically changing healthcare, improving doctor-patient interactions, and literally saving lives. Our network solutions help doctors and health professionals to focus on their patients.

We're the largest plastic surgery group in the country. Customer service is a huge factor in choosing who we do business with.” Dr. Ruotolo


Leading-edge, customized solutions for every business
A local, dedicated team of experts who understand your business
Personalized assistance that’s there when you need it 24/7/365
Innovative products and services backed by our reliable network
Getting set up is fast and easy with little or no downtime for you
No annual contract, plus a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee


Our solutions will help guide you through complex IT
agendas, and keep you confidently connected.

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Suddenlink business solutions suited for your business needs.
When searching for a solution that goes beyond offering the most competitively priced yet high speed internet, Suddenlink business solutions span industries and company sizes, offering the right solution for practically any business. Our customers include leaders in healthcare, offering unique healthcare network solutions and general medical information technologies, as well as retail partners who are seeking impactful retail network solutions and best business phone services. We work with the public sector, offering robust technology solutions for the federal government. Suddenlink collaborates with the hospitality industry, too, offering hotel wifi services and business internet security that simply cannot be matched. We even work with the professional services industry, including finance, offering financial services the technology solutions they need. Whatever your business, in whatever industry, explore our business solutions – which includes great business internet. No company is too small for Suddenlink to provide meaningful value at affordable rates for your small business.

Internet tailored to your business – with meaningful industry insights.
Suddenlink’s business solutions span industries and company sizes for a reason. Leaders in healthcare, retail, public and private sectors, professional services, and hospitality rely on Suddenlink for far more than excellent business internet – although we do that, too. They opt for Suddenlink Business because we make switching easy. Enjoyable, even! When you switch to Suddenlink Business, you’ll receive a contract buyout allowance of opt to $500! That’s hard to beat. Plus, Suddenlink Business is committed to service. We employ the best, highly trained technicians to support you and keep your business running smoothly. This is why business of all sizes and across all industries partner with Suddenlink Business. And, of course, we are committed to your satisfaction. So much so, in fact, that we guarantee it. Take advantage of our no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your internet package or business solutions.

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Free installation specials when you order online.


Free installation specials when you order online.