Web Hosting & Email Vanity Domain 

We want to inform you that we will no longer be offering business web hosting or email domain capabilities as of August 31st, 2022. If you have a business website hosted by Suddenlink Business, please take the necessary steps to switch to another provider to ensure that your website and/or email remains live, if this is an active website. Once we are no longer offering web hosting, any website hosted previously by Suddenlink Business will no longer be accessible. To avoid any interruptions, we recommend you switch providers as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. When we remove web hosting capabilities, or when you move your website, you will no longer be billed for this service.


Web Hosting & Custom Domain Hosting Resources

Domain Name Registration

How to perform a Whois search to verify Registrar Information & Name Servers

  1. 1. Visit Whois (https://www.whois.com/whois)
  2. 2. Enter your domain (yourwebsitename.com) 
  3. 3. Click "Search"
  • Suddenlink Name Servers:
    •              • NS1.SUDDENLINKHOSTING.COM
    •              • NS2.SUDDENLINKHOSTING.COM
    •              • NS1.SUDDENLINK.NET
    •              • NS1.SUDDENLINK.NET


If your Registrar is one of the above, you will need to change your name servers via your new registrar. Your new registrar or webhosting providoer will give you name servers to associate with your domain

If your Registrar is DomainPeople, you must call 1-877-734-3667 or transfer your domain to a new registrar

WhoIs Domain Search Result


Website Hosting

How to perform a record verification to verify where your website is hosted

  1. 1. Visit https://dnschecker.org/all-dns-records-of-domain.php
  2. 2. Enter your domain (yourwebsitename.com)
  3. 3. Click "Lookup DNS"
  • • If the address related to your record matches an IP in the affected IP list below, you will need to choose a new webhosting provider. 
Affected IP List
  •              •
  •              •
  •              •
  •              •
  •              •
  •              •
  •              •
Example of A Record Results with IP

Email Hosting Resources

How to verify where your email is hosted

  1. 1. Check your email host on MX Record (https://dnschecker.org/mx-lookup.php)
  2. 2. Enter your domain (yourwebsite.com)
  3. 3. Click "Check MX Record"
  • • If your MX Record is mail.suddenlinkmail.com or mx.suddenlink.net, you will need to obtain a new email host. Usually a webhosting provider can also provide email hosting. 


MX Lookup Results

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my website or email domain August 31st, 2022 if I do not switch to a new provider?
If your website is currently live and hosted by Suddenlink Business, your website will no longer be accessible to you or your customers. 

Where can I get a new custom business email domain or web hosting provider?
You can look into getting a new custom business email domain or web hosting provider with any other company you think works best for you, some examples of other providers include:

  • • GoDaddy.com
  • • WIX.com
  • • a2hosting.co
  • • Google Workspace

What can I do to prepare to move my website?
You should download all files associated with your website in preparation for transferring to the new web hosting service of your choice.

Will I be billed when custom email domain capabilities or web hosting capabilities are removed or when I change providers?
No. You will no longer be billed for this service at that time.