Tech Support

  • Why does my wireless connection seem to slow down in the evening? Tech Support

    When you connect to the wireless provided by the property, you connect to a single access point that may be used by your neighbors around you. This can cause some slower than usual speeds at peak times such as in the evening, or late night. This is nothing to be concerned about, because this is normal. Using a hardwired connection to the Ethernet port can prevent internet slowdowns during peak hours.

  • Where can I find a list of my currently assigned static IP's? Tech Support

    Sign in at and click on My Services/Internet/Static IP.

  • What issues are most commonly resolved by Business Premier Technical Support? Tech Support

    Recovery of content due to virus and malware

    • Viruses (such as Ransomlock, Cryptolocker, Trojans, and Rootkits)
    • Spyware
    • Browser hijacks and redirects


    Hardware related connectivity:

    • Wireless network setup and security
    • Connecting devices to existing wireless networks
    • Firewall and router configurations or troubleshooting


    Software related connectivity:

    • Network card settings
    • Browser troubleshooting and settings
    • Software based firewalls


    E-mail Assistance:

    • Account setup on a local client (Outlook)
    • Troubleshooting mailbox issues or send/receive difficulties
    • Setup of E-mail on a mobile or secondary device


    Business Software Assistance:

    • Office Suite installation or operation
    • Data backup


    Connected Devices and Peripherals (Installation and troubleshooting):

    • Mobile Devices
    • Scanners
    • Printers

  • What devices are supported by Business Premier Technical Support? Tech Support

    Suddenlink Business Premier Technical Support gives you unlimited remote technical support for all your business' internal connected devices - PCs; Macs; smartphones; tablets; networks; printers and other peripherals.

  • Is my login secure along with my bill payment and personal information? Tech Support

    Suddenlink's online service uses the following methods to ensure that your information is secure:

    • User Name & Password: Your user name and password are unique identifiers that only you know. If you don't share this information with anyone, then no one else can sign onto the service site pretending to be you.
    • SSL: Suddenlink uses SSL (secure sockets layer) that ensures your connection and information is secure from outside inspection.
    • Encryption: Suddenlink uses 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the internet.
    • Automatic Sign Out: Suddenlink automatically signs you out of a session if you are inactive for a period of time. We recommend you sign out immediately after you are finished scheduling and making payments.
  • I was told that I need a static IP to make my services better, is there any truth to that? Tech Support

    No, a static IP will not make your service any faster or more stable than it is.

    The main advantage of a static IP is that a customer's Static IP does not change automatically without notification from us. They are easier to memorize if you need to log in remotely, and you can use it for services that need to use an IP that won’t change without your knowledge. Examples are mail servers, video camera systems, etc.

  • I have set up my static IPs and they don’t work. Tech Support

    If none of the IPs work, you will most likely need to call us to verify they are still correct for your location. If one works, but others don’t or they all work randomly you will need to get in touch with us. Only one static IP is allowed to work on a CPE (customer premise equipment).

    If you plan to use more than one IP on the same CPE, that requires special permission on some of Suddenlink’s equipment to work right. Cable Host Authorization is required on most of our CMTS (cable modem termination system) to allow more than one static IP on a CPE on the network.

  • If I want to set up and use my own mail server what would I need? Tech Support

    You would need your own server, your own domain name, a static IP from Suddenlink, and also a PTR record for that static IP. We can help you get the PTR record. PTR is also known as a Reverse record, or a Pointer record.

  • Do I need any special hardware/software to sign-up for My Account? Tech Support

    No special hardware or software is required to use My Account. You will only need Internet access and a Web browser on your computer. Please note that some older browsers use old encryption standards. For the highest level of security available, we suggest you use an up-to-date, modern browser.

  • Are there any requirements to use the desktop application for Premium Tech Support? Tech Support

    Your device must have access to a high speed internet connection in order to receive remote service. In addition, your device must be running one of the following operating systems:

    • Windows PC: XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 8.1
    • Mac: iOS 10.5 or higher