• Can I change my WIFI password? Tech Support

    If you are using your own personal WIFI router you should be able to, but you would need to consult with the instructions or with the router manufacturer to be able to do that. If you are using a Suddenlink provided modem//router combination the password is permanent and the password can’t be changed. Although some models we use may allow you to log in and temporarily change the password inside the user interface, any loss in power or reset of the device will cause it to restore it back to its default settings and password.


  • I am getting an error code on my TV box. What does this mean? Tech Support

    Typically this is indicating that the box itself is trying to acquire a signal/connection from us or is working to reboot/update itself. We recommend you use our website to chat with tech support or you can call us at 800-490-9604 and we can help you.

  • What Ports does Suddenlink block and why? Tech Support

    Suddenlink blocks the following ports: 135-139 UDP/TCP, 445. This is done by recommendation from the Department of Homeland Security.

    Anti Spam - Suddenlink provides spam filtering for domain email owned by Suddenlink. Anti-spam filters are not all inclusive and may require additional filtering on Customer premises. Contact Suddenlink for more details at 800.490.9604.

    Anti-Spyware - Suddenlink does not provide or support anti-spyware software. Anti-spyware programs are the sole responsibility of the end-user.

    Anti-Virus - Suddenlink provides viral protection at the server level only. Only Suddenlink owned domains are scanned for viruses. This virus protection is not all-inclusive. Additional scanning is the responsibility of the end-user and is best accomplished by using software intended for that purpose.

    We do have some products that offer managed firewalls and protection. See: https://www.suddenlinkbusiness.com/managed-services

  • How do I view my balance online? Billing and Tax Forms

    Login to My Account. On the overview tab, you can view information about your account such as, account number, balance due, and payment due date.

    If you have a past due balance, you will also see it displayed in red.

    You can click on the button that says ‘Pay Bill’ to view your payment options. Or you can click directly on the My Bill page in the top navigation bar to view more details about your bill and balance.

  • Are there any requirements to use the desktop application for Premium Tech Support? Tech Support

    Your device must have access to a high speed internet connection in order to receive remote service. In addition, your device must be running one of the following operating systems:

    • Windows PC: XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 or Win 8.1
    • Mac: iOS 10.5 or higher



  • Business Hosted Voice Quick Reference Guide User Guides & Tutorials

    Click here to download the Business Hosted Voice Quick Reference Guide

  • Can I upgrade my Internet speeds if my business grows or I need more bandwidth? Tech Support

    Absolutely! Suddenlink Business Internet service is scalable and can grow to meet the demands of your business. You can always upgrade to a new level of speed. Please contact Suddenlink at 800.490.9604 to upgrade your service.

  • I am having some kind of problem connecting to the Internet, what do you recommend? Tech Support

    We recommend that you power cycle the modem and your equipment to see if the problem goes away, especially if you know it has been powered on for a long time.

  • Where can I see my call history for my phones? Tech Support

    The only available history on the website is the outbound long distance calls.


    All other Call Details Records are available for a fee (includes local and long distance calls)


    If you want to request additional Call Details Records, mail a completed Call Details Request Form along with payment to:

    Altice USA
    Attn: Shared Services (CDR)
    200 Jericho Quadrangle
    Jericho, NY 11753

  • How do I view my bill online Billing and Tax Forms

    Login to My Account. Click on the ‘My Bill’ link on the top right navigation menu. Under ‘Additional Options’ select the ‘View Statements’ link.

    Once on the My Bill page, you can click the View Statements link to view a list of recent statements. Choose the statement you wish to view.

    If you need a W-9 form, you can download one by clicking here.