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Your Enterprise demands a network that harnesses cutting-edge speed, next-level power, and reliable security—all without sacrificing seamless connectivity and streamlined ease. That’s where we come in. At Suddenlink Business, we’re proud to offer Enterprises like yours exactly what you demand—options.


From reliable ethernet solutions like E-Line, V-Line, and E-LAN to Wave and SD-WAN Next, we offer you the fastest routes, the most secure connections, and the networks you can trust to work for and with you every time. 



Powerful and streamlined, Suddenlink Business’ Ethernet services offer reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions expertly engineered to meet your enterprise’s needs. With varying speeds available to meet your unique needs, our Ethernet solutions offer the ease of 100% fiber-optic networks designed to provide uncomplicated scalability, next-level security, and seamless simplicity. Choose from E-Line, V-Line, or E-LAN options to integrate and connect your enterprise’s network needs. 


Discover a business fiber optic network solution unlike any other. Wave, Suddenlink Business’ optical transport service, empowers your enterprise with high-speed transport, reduced latency, secure data transfer, and cutting-edge scalability— a product that grows along with your ever-evolving business. Seamlessly connect while supporting emerging protocols and applications without experiencing jitters, delays, or disruptions. 


There’s a new business landscape on the horizon where more connectivity between more devices, clouds, and locations will be more important than ever. As tomorrow’s network demands increasingly shift, SD‑WAN Next is the solution to help your business continuously adapt to what's next. From 100 employees in one office to 100 offices across the nation – SD-WAN Next has the flexibility your enterprise needs and the simplicity you want.


Suddenlink Business delivers world-class telecom services with 18,000 miles of reliable network.


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Suddenlink Business, the Business Fiber Network Solution Crafted for You 
Every single Enterprise in the world has one, beautiful thing in common with every other—they’re all unique. No Enterprise looks just like another, which is why no Enterprise should be forced to use a network package that doesn’t provide them with the benefits and advantages another might. At Suddenlink Business, we know your Enterprise needs are unique—that’s why we’ve created an innovative, elevated menu of solutions—ranging from ethernet services to business fiber network solutions—to provide you with the network you need most.

Unsure of which type of network could best benefit your business? We can help. Our team of professionals is here to ensure you opt for the network solution that fits your needs and grows along with your goals. Our business fiber network solutions don’t just promise speed and innovation—they offer security, scalability, and seamless experiences that never overcomplicate your network. 

Ethernet, Business Fiber Internet, and Beyond—The Options Your Enterprise Deserves 
We believe in options—that’s why we’ve engineered a unique offering of services that can best fit your Enterprise’s unique needs. Our ethernet services provide Enterprises like yours with high-capacity voice, data, and Internet services alongside guaranteed simplicity, support, and flexible bandwidth options you can count on.

Our other business fiber network solutions, like Wave, Private Fiber, and SD-WAN Next allow your Enterprise to leverage a portfolio of low latency, high-speed transport services that securely transfer your data while promising unmatched availability, reliability, and scalability. Connect your locations with reliable, secure bandwidth that never leaves you second-guessing, and experience business fiber network solutions and business fiber internet options like no other with Suddenlink Business’ network services.