High-Performance Connectivity Designed to Scale Alongside Your Enterprise

Take your Enterprise to new heights

Cost-effective, flexible, and rooted in Enterprise-specific solutions, Suddenlink Business Ethernet services promise streamlined connection, optimized performance, and scalable speed that grows with your Enterprise. With a variety of Ethernet available solutions, Suddenlink Business has a perfect-fit solution for each and every Enterprise.


Discover the ease of Ethernet connectivity with our 100% fiber-optic network, designed to provide unsurpassed reliability, uncomplicated scalability, next-level security, and seamless simplicity. Reduce costs, increase data capabilities, and take your Enterprise to new heights with Suddenlink Business Ethernet solutions.



All the benefits of traditional, private lines—with the vast and enviable scalability of Ethernet. Our E-Line services provide solution-based benefits for Enterprises seeking simplified connectivity and unsurpassed reliability. 

  • Simplified plug and play connectivity to your on-premise equipment 
  • Comprehensive security of Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC)
  • Optimized Optical handoff available for all speeds and services
  • Bandwidth reaching up to 10 Gbps 


Experience unsurpassed reliability with our high-performance V-Line network that doesn’t just protect your critical data, but also provides superior availability, resiliency, and dependability. With seamless installation and comprehensive Customer Care, our V-Line maximizes simplicity and optimizes your network all at once.

  • Simplified, single connection to your premise equipment
  • Security of Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC)
  • Optical handoff available for all speeds (optional)
  • Bandwidth up to 10 Gbps


Integrate and connect all of your Enterprise locations seamlessly with our E-LAN solutions. With E-LAN, your Enterprise can connect across three or more locations without the need to purchase multiple point-to-point services and avoid the repetitive replication and resending of data. We provide cost-effective, flexible benefits that connect your locations more seamlessly than ever. 

  • Unsurpassed reliability with critical data protection and superior resiliency
  • Scalability to meet your current and future data needs.
  • Valuable Security as we protect and segment all customer traffic on our network.
  • Seamless installation with trained professionals to manage your network simply and efficiently.


High-speed Business Internet you can rely on, with 18,000 miles of reliable network. Whether your business needs faster, more reliable connections or true network diversity, Internet access delivered over the Suddenlink Business Ethernet network offers all-inclusive solutions that are scalable to grow with your network requirements and sized to fit your company’s connectivity needs.


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Specialized Ethernet Internet to Optimize Your Enterprise 
Your ethernet internet—or rather, your ethernet local area network—can provide you with a cost-effective, flexible solution that doesn’t just integrate all of your locations (though, it certainly does that), but also layers added security and steadfast reliability. With ethernet services from Suddenlink, you can experience simplified, plug and play connectivity to your premise equipment that never compromises your reliability, your peace of mind, or your bottom line. Through simple but seamless business ethernet solutions, Suddenlink is able to provide security, scalability, and unsurpassed reliability to each and every one of our Enterprise customers. 

Our high-bandwidth guarantee alongside our never faltering promise for competitive price points and consistent support throughout your ever-changing business journey and requirements ensures a single, scalable ethernet connection that never lets you down. With Suddenlink your ethernet internet is more than just a dependable solution, it’s a seamless, consistent way to optimize your Enterprises’ internet needs. 

Ethernet Services For Increased Productivity & Lower Operational Costs 
Suddenlink’s ethernet services give your business the benefits of traditional, private lines with thin flexibility and scalability that ethernet offers. With our ethernet services, we promise high-performance alongside unsurpassed reliability, easy scalability, valuable security, and the true simplicity you seek for your business ethernet. 

With best-in-class services, nationwide network reliability, and company-wide customer commitment, Suddenlink is here to ensure seamless installation, comprehensive protection, and optimized ethernet internet that won’t just improve your Enterprise’s workflow, but also increase productivity and lower your operational costs at the same time. Our solution-based benefits promise you the guaranteed bandwidth you demand, dynamic application management in a single, physical connection, plug-and-play connectivity, and sophisticated simplicity that will transform your Enterprises’ business ethernet needs.